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These Controllers receive sensor signals
and control heaters or other devices to maintain a
maintain a preset temperature.
Temperature Controller
Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters

History & Background

HI-TECH was established in 1986. Throughout the life of HI-TECH we have found that is important to change and adapt to out local business environment, by offering our customer equipment and services to meet their current and future requirements. As a result of these efforts we have personal with diverse range of expertise being able to offer out customer and potential customers good and services with their (traditionally) only expert to find in the internatin trade and service markets. Due to the nature of the business, we try to be as efficient as possible bye offering out customers only assistant and support with any problem which they may encounter.

Factory Certified Calibration

Let us help you to maintain your instruments in perfect condition! Measurement accuracy directly affects process performance and life cycle costs of your measurement equipment. In order to keep your process performance valid your measurement equipment needs to be calibrated regularly.With more then twenty five years of experience of standard and accredited calibrations.